11% Dry

Queen of Iberia

Dry red wine “Queen of Iberia” is  made from the Saperavi grape harvested in the vineyards of Kakheti region of Georgia.

In a blend about 15 % of other color technical grades of grapes of Kakheti and Kartli regions are allowed.

Dry red wine “Queen of Iberia” has rich ruby color with nice extract content, the wine is rich and notable for its bouquet and expressively delicious fruit aroma. It tastes with a pleasant astringency and is immensely harmonious.

well notable aromas of fruits and soft, pleasant and harmonic taste.

The ready wine contains:  alcohol  11.0 -12,5%,   titrated acidity  5,0 -7,0g/l ,  volatile acids till 1,2g/l, sugar  4,0 g/l and reduced extract not lower  than 20,0 g/l.

Serve at temperature 13-15 С⁰.

The wine is ideal with grilled meat of pork, veal or fowl and cheese.