Ltd GORELLI was founded in 1997, Gori, Shida Kartli. New era has begun in the life of the factory from this stage: the equipment was renewed, in accordance with every technological cycle. Manufacturing technologies and opportunities of saving the grapes was renewed as well. The newest mountings are used in order to filter and bottle white or red wine, Brandi. The laboratory of the factory is also highly equipped, were experienced specialists check quality of the production on every stage. Ecological cleanness is under special attention.

The technology used in the factory is made by European manufacturing companies. The process of bottling wine has been radically changed. Wine fermentation process is regulated. Besides famous Georgian wines, company GORELLI produces other different kinds of wines following its own technological instructions, in accordance with both traditional (pitcher) and European traditions.

Ltd GORELLI exports its production to world’s different markets: Europe, China, USA, Russia and etc. The company has received a lot of recognitions.